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Dune Productions


Here you can learn all about Dune Productions

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Our Story

Dune Productions is a vision that was started three years ago by its founding partners.

Emma, Harry and Patrick have enjoyed busy careers as theatre professionals in London. Our backgrounds include corporate and cruise entertainment, West End musical theatre, public speaking coaching and theatre technology integration.

After relocating to Dubai, our team have been classroom teachers across EYFS, Primary and Secondary education specialising in creative and performing arts.

We understand the pressures every teacher is under; we know the joy the job brings, and we appreciate the knife-edge demands of planning the perfect lesson, every time.


Rather than providing off-the-shelf and commonplace shows, Dune will support your teaching with innovative productions that are relevant to your culture, your curriculum and your bespoke needs. 

At Dune we believe that by utilising Theatre in Education’ in the correct way, there can be genuine ‘Education through Theatre’.

Our presentations, shows and workshops are tailored to your values, the international community you serve and the ambitions of our host country.

It’s our unique combination of talents and experience that will make our visit to your school one to remember and one you are sure to repeat term after term.

Our Vision

Theatre In Education​

Using theatre to enhance the educational

Experience of children across the UAE.​


We bring the theatre to you 

We will transform your shared learning space into a magical, immersive, state of the art theatre. Catering for audiences of 200 -1000 children aged 4 -11, we bring the most talented actors and experienced facilitators in the UAE into your school for an experience you’re sure to remember.

"The Dune Difference"


Dune Productions TiE shows combine a traditional western theatrical experience with modern technical theatre advances to create content that supports and celebrates local cultural values, making it relevant for children growing up in the UAE today.


The fusion of live music, dance and culturally relevant stories will help deliver and enhance your curriculum, the UAE Moral and Social Studies program, and your schools’ values.


The Dune Productions team is made up of award-winning performers and teachers from the UAE with a passion for enriching the UAE and its young people.

UAE stories for UAE kids

Our children live lives of choice. They pay attention when a story is relevant to them. They like to interact and help make decisions, and they like to have fun while learning. These are the guiding principles at Dune Productions.

Each term, we will be touring an original musical play that has been specially written for the children of the UAE. Working with educational professionals, we select ideas and concepts that will have the most relevance and impact on our international schools and our host country. By using our video wall and interactive software, your children are in the driving seat. Our shows are suited to all children, aged 4 - 11.

We also offer shows for UAE National Day, Flag Day, and International Day, as well as global events such as World Book Day, to name just a few. All shows come with many useful extension activities for you to follow up with. All of our performances are SEN-friendly and can include a BSL/Makaton signer. We provide low ticket costs with cash and online payment options.

Why Dune?

Benefits to Children

Fun, Interactive, and Accessible Learning for all Children. Enjoyable Stories.

Benefits to Schools

Designed by UAE Teachers, Easy Booking, No Deposits, Bespoke & Relevant to you.

Benefits to  society

Furthering the UAE & KHDA agendas

Enhances and develops our unique culture.

Benefits to parents

Affordable & Trustworthy
Easy & Convenient Payment Methods

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