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Dune Productions
Dune Productions Steamonauts
Dune Productions

Theatre In Education

Dune Productions is a UAE-based company dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of children across the UAE through the use of theatre. The company offers a range of services that cater to the unique needs of schools and students, including Theatre in Education (TIE), Technical Solutions, Student Workshops, Online and Live Video Solutions, and Staff CPD. 


See us in action

Experience our captivating and educational shows, blending entertainment with social and moral enlightenment. Join us for a wonderful viewing experience that entertains, educates, and inspires.

Dune Productions - Kids Show

Who are Dune?

Dune is committed to making a positive impact on the children and schools of the UAE by creating educational and entertaining performances, workshops & more.

Steamonauts Dune Productions
Dune Productions Saving the Planet
Dune Productions Saving the planet


Unstoppable Me

Unstoppable Me

Discovering yourself in the UAE 

Join us on a magical adventure in your school and help us celebrate
what makes the UAE exceptional, and what makes you truly unstoppable.

Change Makers

Change Makers

Appreciating Sustainability

Join us on another Unstoppable adventure through space and time to discover how you can help us move towards a greener future. 

Our Time

Our Time

Understanding The Future

As the UAE Space Agency paves the way for new discoveries, join the Steamonauts, Scrumpo, and the gang on an unforgettable journey.

We Are One

Becoming Unified 

Here at Dune Productions, we understand that

well-being matters, and that every child has a unique educational journey.

About us

Dune Productions TiE shows combine a traditional western theatrical experience with modern technical theatre advances to create content that supports and celebrates local cultural values, making it relevant for children growing up in the UAE today.

Dune Spotlight

A wide range of services...

Dune offers a wide range of services including technical support for schools, theatre fit-outs, event management, video filming and broadcasting, student workshops, and more.

Dune Productions Theatre in Education

Get in touch

To book one of our shows or to see how Dune can help you please get in touch here.

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