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Orchestral Project


School, Theatre Academies, Coporate events.

Dune Productions presents “Steamonauts Guide to the Orchestra” – an innovative educational service designed to introduce students to the enchanting world of orchestral music.

Service Overview: “Steamonauts Guide to the Orchestra” is a unique educational program that brings the magic of orchestral music to schools. Our service is crafted to fill the gap in music education by providing students with a live orchestral experience, something many may not have encountered before. This program is suitable for both primary and secondary students, offering a comprehensive introduction to orchestral instruments and classical music.

What We Offer:

Interactive Performances: A small chamber orchestra of 10-15 talented musicians will perform a variety of famous tunes, ranging from classical masterpieces to modern pop and Disney songs.
Educational Narrative: The performance is woven around a captivating story that guides students through the different sections of the orchestra, making the learning process both engaging and memorable.
VT System Integration: Utilizing cutting-edge visual technology to enhance the storytelling and musical experience.
Flexible Scheduling: Our program is designed to fit within the school day, accommodating the busy schedules of educational institutions.
No Overhead Costs: As a freelance ensemble, we manage our own travel and accommodation, ensuring minimal costs to the school.
Benefits for Schools:

Cultural Enrichment: Students gain exposure to a wide range of musical styles and learn about the cultural significance of orchestral music.
Educational Alignment: The program complements existing curricula and can serve as an alternative to traditional school shows.
Scalability: “Steamonauts Guide to the Orchestra” can be adapted for large-scale public concerts, offering opportunities for community engagement.
Join Us: Embark on a musical journey with Dune Productions and give your students an unforgettable educational experience. Contact us to bring “Steamonauts Guide to the Orchestra” to your school and witness the transformative power of music.

With Dune Productions, inspire a new generation of music lovers and thinkers.

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